The Big Payoff

Bold Roast

Origins : The Big Payoff is a straight-down-the-line, no-nonsense blend of superior quality. Sourced from Colombia, Indonesia, New Guinea and Central America, it also contains a small proportion of high grade Indian Robusta that adds an assertive edge to its character.

Roasting Profile: A single phase blend, The Big Payoff enjoys the executive treatment. It is lightly roasted in small batches to maintain the highest level of quality and taste.

Aroma: Taking plenty of time to fully develop when roasting, The Big Payoff presents a firm, strong flavour. Its full bodied aroma is met with spicy overtones to add extra richness and depth.

Appearance:The Big Payoff’s full golden crema ensures excellent flavour and length on the palate.

Testing Note: The Big Payoff has become one of the standards by which good espresso is judged. The full body with medium acidity and high aromatics promotes an extremely satisfying all round experience.