Koala Cup

Good Co. Cappuccino range are served in our koala cup. This special cup was designed for our drink to honour the close, long lasting bond between coffee & chocolate. It is a cup with a pocket for chocolate which enables you to enjoy its double virtue: melting chocolate with hot coffee in the mouth while licking the melted leftovers hidden in the pocket.

Curved Cup

A specially designed cup for a cosy fit within your hands. This ergonomic cup is shaped with curves and pockets on the handle ensuring a nice thumb placement and a sublime drinking experience.

Mug & Warmer

Say goodbye to lukewarm beverages with our specially designed cup. A clever mug and warming base consisting of a tea light candle to ensure your coffee is more at the perfect temperature, piping hot and ready to enjoy.

Irish Cup

It depends on the size of the surface whether a beautiful crema will form with the milk froth remaining stable, and our espresso lovers appreciate a beautiful crema. The thick base of the irish cup keeps the coffee at the perfect temperature and the narrow lip provides for a pleasant drinking experience.

Fire-Water-Chocolate Fondue

Fire Water Chocolate Fondue is rich with philosophy & ceremonial elements that enhance the chocolate experience. Mirroring our body, the Fire Water Chocolate Fondue symbolises the close bond between chocolate & our very soul. The untold secret of our love story with chocolate is that chocolate reflects our very soul. We too would burn in a naked flame, we become stiff & unyielding in the cold, but we all melt into a soft, sensual hug at the body's touch.

Luxury Leaf Tea Set

Our signature tea set has been specifically designed to enhance the tea experience compliment the ambience of Good Co. cafés. With the opportunity to brew your own cup of tea, youare able to partake in a tea ceremony, leaving you satisfied every time.
The double serving luxury tea pouch has been designed specially for this tea ceremony. Brew the perfect pot and enjoy the journey.