Good Co. Doing Good

Tired of the double speak that comes with trying to buy green or socially responsible products? We're committed to being open and honest in the way we do business. So here are some explanations.

Trading up

Many companies are starting to advertise 'Direct Trade' as the source of their raw materials. Good Co. Coffee believes this is a great way to do business and is actively pursuing Direct Trade as a means of securing our coffee in the future.
So what's the difference between Direct Trade and Fairtrade?
The Fairtrade Labelling Organisation is a company which registers producers and processors as FLO members. To the producer, this means they must adhere to widely accepted minimum standards with regard to the sustainability of their agriculture practices and treatment of workers. In return they receive a guaranteed minimum price for the produce they sell. Processors must pay the premium for Fairtrade labelled goods, plus a quarterly license fee based on a percentage of sales. They are then able to sell the final product with a Fairtrade label attached proving its origins.

Direct Trade is a different approach. See it seems unfortunate that a large organisation like the FLO with all its administration costs is required to provide an avenue for businesses to do the right thing. Direct Trade works on the principle of businesses voluntarily doing the right thing, that is opting to purchase from producers who use sustainable methods on their farms, who treat their workers well and who charge prices which cover the production cost. There is more work involved with this approach because the buyer must also become the importer, but the benefits are significant. The producer is rewarded for their sustainable practices by receiving the price they want. The buyer will be happy to pay a higher than industry standard price because they are competing to buy a reliable supply of premium product.

Rainforest alliance

Every bean we grind at Good Co. Coffee is made using 100 per cent Arabica coffee beans sourced from Rainforest Alliance Certified™ farms in Brazil, Colombia and Costa Rica. The Rainforest Alliance seal guarantees that your coffee was grown on a farm where the environment is protected and workers are given access to better pay, education and medical care. Nice to think you're doing all that just by drinking coffee, isn't it?

Recyclable cups

Recycling just makes good economic sense. At Good Co. Coffee, instead of using ordinary polystyrene take away coffee cups, which are thrown into the rubbish bin, we use cups that are made from 100 per cent recycled paper and are 100 per cent biodegradable.