Wakey Wakey

Espresso Roast

Origins : Wakey Wakey beans are sourced from Colombia, Sumatra, Costa Rica and Nicaragua. But there's something extra in there as well. Let's call it the x factor. This secret ingredient, known only by a select group of Good Co. staff, makes up ten per cent of the blend and gives Wakey Wakey that extra get up and go.

Roasting Profile: This is a single phase, lightly roasted blend of exceptional complexity and smoothness. Plus it's roasted in small batches, which allows for us to pay obsessive attention to detail. Every. Bean. Is. Flawless.

Aroma: Sweet, floral aromas dominate this coffee while hints of nutmeg and other spices blend with delicate roasted notes to create an engulfing aromatic experience.

Appearance: Medium brown with attractive lustre, Wakey Wakey features a light golden crema with a low viscosity and excellent length.

Testing Note: Wakey Wakey is our most complex blend. Lightly roasted, it has a sweet, clean acidity combined with a smoothness and softness that fills the mouth. It leaves no hint of bitterness, just a delightful roasted finish.